Are you using a conventional iron in your household that has proven time and again ironing is a time consuming chore and often down right frustrating? And even after spending extra time ironing with painstaking care and effort, you still can't get the perfect ironed look that the professional dry cleaners always deliver.

Now there is a new technology developed into an advanced and complete ironing system, guaranteed to help you get rid of all your conventional ironing woes.
The LauraStar Magic i-S5 is the much-awaited solution to millions of households around the world. With its CLiicKTM technology, you can get precise ironing results with much less effort and energy consumption. That means you save on utility charges, have more time, energy and freedom for other good things in life and still get that professional ironed look every time.

No more worrying what temperature settings to use

LauraStar-User-Friendly-Ironing-single-temperature-settingBelieve it or not, LauraStar Magic i-S5 delivers that professional ironed look with one single temperature setting. It does not matter what your garment label says because LauraStar’s high-pressure dry steam allows you to iron all types of fabrics with one single temperature setting, making your ironing chore a simple routine. LauraStar’s high-pressure dry steam ensures that the steam particles are highly vaporized and constant so that it penetrates deeply into fabrics to soften the fibres without making them damp. You will never again need to adjust the iron's temperature or test a corner of your silk scarf. So user-friendly that even your spouse can use it. LauraStar even makes your hand-washed linen garments smooth and soft, just like new.

No more need to press a button to activate steam

LauraStar-CLiiCK-Intuitive-Automatic-SteamTo make your life even easier, LauraStar has developed the iiTM – INTELLIGENT INNOVATIONS – just for you. A major innovation in this programme is the CLiiCKTM patented technology. A slight movement of your wrist produces the steam automatically as the iron is pushed forward and stops it immediately when the iron is halted or moved backwards. You will never again need to press a button to activate the steam!

Permanent uninterrupted ironing

LauraStar-Magic-i-s5-AQUA-Filter-Removable-Water-TankLauraStar’s innovation also includes a removable 1.2 litre water tank with integrated AQUA filter and rapid-heating system, giving you fast uninterrupted ironing. No more waiting until the steam and water cool in the tank to refill it, thanks to the removable water tank. The integrated AQUA filter helps to ensure increased performance and a longer life for your system.

Effortless and stress-free ironing

LauraStar-Magic-i-s5-micro-steam-ergonomic-ironWith the LauraStar system, you save a lot of effort because the powerful penetrating dry steam generated is continuous, making your ironing experience easy and stress-free. There's no need to exert manual pressure like the conventional iron you're having now. The high-pressure dry steam is what actually does the ironing for you and this system saves you 50 to 75% ironing time. Heated once in the boiler, the steam is cooled and then reheated inside the iron. This is the unique LauraStar double-volume steam technology.

No more water leaking from your iron

You can be assured there will be no droplets of water on your fabric as the dry steam is produced in the steam generator and not in the iron, leaving no chance for water stains. With the combination of the steam emitted at a constant 3.5 bar pressure which produces 200 litres of steam volume per minute, LauraStar ensures that your clothes are protected from damage while giving you unrivalled professional results.

Vertical refreshing

LauraStar-Magic-i-s5-vertical-ironingThe powerful constant steam can also be released vertically, allowing better and efficient steaming of your "Dry Clean Only" garments. The high-pressure dry steam is also powerful enough to penetrate through the fabric to remove food and cigarette odours. This means less trips to the dry cleaners and longer life span for your favourite wardrobe.

No more pocket marks and shiny marks

LauraStar-Magic-i-s5-built-in-blower-in-active-boardAnother state-of-the-art feature in the LauraStar Magic i-S5 is the built-in blower located in the active board, which engages automatically as soon as you lift the iron. The built-in blower creates a cushion of air, so when you iron, you are not ironing on a flat surface. This helps to protect your clothes from pocket or seam marks. It also ensures the fabric is cool and dry immediately after ironing.

Iron several layers at one go and save even more time

LauraStar-MAGiiC-Active-TableThe LauraStar system also has a vacuum function which allows the dry steam to penetrate through the board. Now you can iron several layers at one go including jeans, even heavy cotton pants, thus saving you a great deal of time. The vacuum function also gives your pant legs and shirt sleeves the detailed sharp crease for that professional look.

The CLiicKTM technology provides optimal management of steam and has been tested rigorously for months at LauraStar's research and development laboratory. Ironing professionals recommend the LauraStar Magic i-S5 with CLiicK technology because they know it reduces ironing time, saves energy consumption without compromising ironing results and doesn't damage your clothes. To prove how impressive and what a remarkable ironing system this is, watch the 2 LauraStar Video Demonstrations using the patented technology on various wardrobe and fabrics.

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